Over the years, I have been called to bring young people to Christ as teacher, counselor, parish youth minister, administrator, and most recently as campus minister at our high school in New York. In Province ministry, that call has led me to a variety of roles: formation director, vocation director, director of a local community, and even province leadership. The invitation - and the response - is one that never gets old or tired. It is an awesome challenge - one that has taken me down paths I would never have imagined or thought myself capable. Living the response has helped me to grow as Brother, in my understanding of how Christ relates to us and how we are invited to relate to each other.

Br. Donald Sukanek, SC
Campus Minister/Teacher
Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School
East Elmhurst. NY
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Feast of the Sacred Heart

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Read and pray with a few quotes from our Rule of Life.

The Heart of Jesus

Christ in our Life


112. Our founders made us heirs of their devotion

to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

And so Christ, in his mystery of love,

holds first place in our life

as Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

He is our reference point

and the center of our motivations,

just as he is the very principle

of our total self-offering

and of our apostolic action.



113. An Everlasting Love


The Heart of Jesus bears and reveals

the everlasting love with which God

traced the whole history of humanity.

His heart also expresses

the intense divine and human affection

which Jesus experienced

through his incarnation

to the point of offering his life

so that we might all become

sons of the Father.

In our everyday lives,

Christ continues to lavish this love on us

by his presence and by the attention, friendship, and affection

we receive from our brothers.



114. The Open Heart


The Gospel reveals the pierced side of the Savior

as the source of the life-giving Spirit,

the channel and symbol of divine love.

From his open side

out of which blood and water flow,

Jesus gives birth

to the Church and the sacraments.

He invites all to his heart

to draw water with joy

from the springs of salvation. (Is 12:3)



115. Book of God's Love


Meditation on Scripture leads us to discover

the loving plan of God,

which attains its supreme expression

in the redemptive death of the Son.

Indeed, the kindness and love of God (Ti 3:4)

for all people

has appeared to us in the Heart of the Son.



116. The Eucharist, Celebration of Love


The Eucharistic celebration

is our primary act of homage

to the love of the Savior.

It is also the memorial

of Jesus' ultimate act of love for us:

A man can have no greater love than

to lay down his life for his friends. (Jn 15:13)

Our participation in the Eucharist

unites us to Christ,

offering the Father the perfect act

of adoration, thanksgiving,

reconciliation, and intercession.


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