Over the years, I have been called to bring young people to Christ as teacher, counselor, parish youth minister, administrator, and most recently as campus minister at our high school in New York. In Province ministry, that call has led me to a variety of roles: formation director, vocation director, director of a local community, and even province leadership. The invitation - and the response - is one that never gets old or tired. It is an awesome challenge - one that has taken me down paths I would never have imagined or thought myself capable. Living the response has helped me to grow as Brother, in my understanding of how Christ relates to us and how we are invited to relate to each other.

Br. Donald Sukanek, SC
Campus Minister/Teacher
Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School
East Elmhurst. NY
Brothers' Volunteer/Discernment Program

Contact Information: Bro. Ronald Hingle (rhinglesc@gmail.com OR 504-913-0005)?; Bro. Michael Migacz (mikemigacz@hotmail.com OR 732-718-8559)

Goal of Program: The Brothers' Volunteer-Discernment Program is different from other volunteer programs because it addresses two real desires of Catholic young men, a desire to serve God’s young people through the ministry of education, in either a traditional or non-traditional ministries, AND a desire to discern whether God is calling them to religious life, possibly the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.  Young men who choose to participate in the Brothers’ Volunteer-Discernment Program will find fulfilling ministry while living in a Brothers’ community, working alongside Brothers, and engaging in a program of prayer, spiritual direction, reflection, and readings all designed to help them hear, better understand, and embrace God’s call in their lives.

Type of Placement / Area of Service: Volunteer-Discerners are invited to join the Brothers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a new community lives among and work with the poor and at-risk young people.  Brothers and volunteers live very simply in the mid-city area and prepare young people who have fallen through the cracks of the educational system for the HiSET (formerly GED) test.  Future plans are to include the teaching of life skills and provide recreational and athletic activities for those who have few, if any, such options.  An mission/discernment experience will also be planned at the Brothers’ home mission with the Navajo Indians in Klagetoh, AZ. A mission/discernment trip to two of the Brothers African Missions in Amatongas, Mozambique (Sacred Heart Secondary School - a boarding and day school) and to Gweru, Zambia (a boarding and day school founded for street children) may also be available.

Those young men who are interested in a more traditional school setting can be accommodated in New York City at Msgr. McClancy High School (71-06 31st Ave., East Elmhurst, NY), a Brothers’ school serving adolescent boys and girls in grades 9-12) and at Mercy Center (273 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, NY).  In addition to the discernment program, volunteer-discerners would become involved in teaching, coaching, and assisting in campus ministry activities.

Age Requirements: Young men 21-40 years old 

Length of Service: September 1 thru June 30

Application: due June 1 (for September placement)

Financial Arrangements: Room and board; health insurance; small monthly stipend; some travel expenses.  Volunteer-Discerners are responsible for most of their travel and personal expenses.

Formation / Training: Volunteer-Discerners will participate in orientation sessions, days of recollection, spiritual direction, and ministerial training.  They will also be expected to participate in the Brothers’ community in which they live.

The Brothers’ mission is to evangelize young people through the ministry of education, i.e., to help them experience the love of God, unconditionally and personally.  Won’t you seriously consider joining us in this mission by becoming a part of the “Search Your Heart” Volunteer-Discernment Program for one year?  There is no obligation to ultimately become a permanent member of the community!  The only requirements are to enter into the discernment process with an open mind and heart and to be willing to jump into ministry in the Lord’s vineyard with both feet!  We hope you will join us as we attempt to offer hope, instill faith, and help “at-risk” young people experience God’s love in their lives.

The young poor need us – you and the Brothers – now more than ever!  Please give the "Search Your Heart" volunteer-Discernment Program your prayerful consideration.