I was never drawn to the priesthood and so never considered a church vocation until I learned about Brothers. These were men dedicated to young people and Catholic education, and once I got to know them and their lifestyle, I felt I had found my calling. Each local community of Brothers has its own interior life of friendship with one another and the Lord, but often it's a life intertwined with a school community. Ministry to young people is sometimes exhausting, more often energizing, and always a challenge to greater creativity, deeper compassion, and a closer relationship with Christ. Sharing that ministry with my Brothers makes my life all the richer.

Br. Ray Hetu, SC
St. Columba's College, St. Albans, England

Loreto Secondary School
Private Bag 9024
Phone 55 8411
Fax  55 8381
e-mail - brothers@telco.co.zw  

Rutenga Secondary School
P.O. Box 43
Phone 14 572

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