"Being a Brother of the Sacred Heart has given me the opportunity to participate in a mission dedicated to the formation of young people that has continued for over 150 years and in many different settings."

Br. Barry Landry
Catholic High School
St. Anne s Mission

 St. Anne's Mission located in Klagetoh, Arizona is 75 years old, a mission of All Saints Parish in Ganado, Arizona. The staff is composed of a mixed community of Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Dominicans, and lay volunteers. We pray, work, and share together as a mission community. Spiritual growth and development based on the 12 steps of AA and scripture are stressed. Six groups of volunteers come out each year, educating about the reservation and Navajo culture. The Mission has a food bank, rummage, AA counseling, youth program, and all church programs, including Search, Cursillo, Lay Ministry Training, RCIA, etc. The Mission is also linked to Faith in Action, Heifer International, St. Vincent de Paul, etc.

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