Over the years, I have been called to bring young people to Christ as teacher, counselor, parish youth minister, administrator, and most recently as campus minister at our high school in New York. In Province ministry, that call has led me to a variety of roles: formation director, vocation director, director of a local community, and even province leadership. The invitation - and the response - is one that never gets old or tired. It is an awesome challenge - one that has taken me down paths I would never have imagined or thought myself capable. Living the response has helped me to grow as Brother, in my understanding of how Christ relates to us and how we are invited to relate to each other.

Br. Donald Sukanek, SC
Campus Minister/Teacher
Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School
East Elmhurst. NY
Syracuse Ministry

Syracuse Ministry Begins Work With Refugees

The Brothers in Syracuse, NY are now working with Catholic Charities in their Resettlement Program. Many refugees come to Syracuse because it is an area well known for its hospitality for those fleeing troubles and seeking a new life. Catholic Charities helps refugees find homes, furnishings, and jobs. Case workers act as advocates as these needy people navigate through the American systems. Catholic Charities also offers programs for youth to socialize and learn the American Culture.

The Brothers are working to help the youth and some adults with their English. Most of the refugees are from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Actually, they are of a culture called Karen, which has its own
language and customs. It is a minority culture in Myanmar that has been persecuted. Most refugees escape to Thailand and may live there for months or years before seeking passage to the United States.

The Brothers are finding the work challenging but rewarding. Most of the students have been acquainted with the English alphabet, numbers, and some phrases. They are well motivated, eager to comprehend English as best they can. They know that to succeed here they must strive to adapt to their new home.

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