I was never drawn to the priesthood and so never considered a church vocation until I learned about Brothers. These were men dedicated to young people and Catholic education, and once I got to know them and their lifestyle, I felt I had found my calling. Each local community of Brothers has its own interior life of friendship with one another and the Lord, but often it's a life intertwined with a school community. Ministry to young people is sometimes exhausting, more often energizing, and always a challenge to greater creativity, deeper compassion, and a closer relationship with Christ. Sharing that ministry with my Brothers makes my life all the richer.

Br. Ray Hetu, SC
St. Columba's College, St. Albans, England
Community Life

Community is the very heart of the Brother's life. Brothers live together as a family trying to follow the example of Jesus. By sharing, friendship, teamwork, and prayer together they learn to understand the joy and promise of a life of service.

"The brothers live in community to give one another mutual support and to have a greater influence for good on the people among whom they live and work."
Brothers of the Sacred Heart
"Rule of Life" #48

True brotherhood in community doesn't just happen; every member of that community has to work at it. Each Brother daily works at making his local community a place where everyone can be himself and feel accepted.

"By sharing responsibilities, recognizing one another's talents, and cooperating in a work essential to the church, we contribute to the personal development of each brother."
Brothers of the Sacred Heart "Rule of Life" #25

Community of Compassion - Brothers of the Sacred Heart
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